Daniel Kolchinsky

User experience design lead for digital platforms and connected devices

User Research  +  Interaction Design  +  Product Strategy  +  Leadership


What makes a great product?

Reflecting on past experience, I believe it takes four ingredients.

Informed by Research

A design investigation must be grounded in the reality of users’ objectives and contexts. These are changing variables and should be tracked with regular ethnographic and quantitative studies.

Built as a Platform

Systems thinking offers the flexibility to evolve a product while maintaining its structural and perceptual integrity. It also helps express the brand in authentic and consistent ways across platform touchpoints.

Imbued with Emotion

In defense against copycat services, lasting products must form an emotional bond with their customers. This presents a rich design opportunity that excels beyond the table stakes of good usability.

Well Intentioned

As behavioral science methods gain broader application, service providers can have a positive influence on customer decision-making and habits, including support for long term and societal benefits.


Eighteen years
and counting.

Led large-scale innovation projects at Smart Design since 2011. Art directed digital products at a web agency for six years prior. Freelance and startup experience starting in ’00. Studied design and business.

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Four design journeys.

All made possible through interdisciplinary teamwork.